Home Workout of the day 09.03.2020

A. GENERAL WARM UP/ PREP 1 2 Rounds not for time: Pronated Shoulder pass-throughs x 10 Stationary Inchworm x 10 Alt. Samson Stretch 30 seconds for side Alt. Cossack Squat 5 reps for leg

B. GYMNASTICS B1. ACTIVATION CORE 2-3 SETS: 20-30 seconds Hollow Hold 45-60 seconds Wall Sit Hold Rest as needed B2. CONDITIONING For time 50-40-30-20-10 *Alternating Jumping Lunges Tuck ups 30 Double Unders /90 Single Unders at the conclusion of each round. Intermediate option: *Squat Jumps Beginners option: *Air Squats *No rope jump? NO PROBLEM!! Substitute with 50 Pogo Jumps

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