Home Workout of the day 16-03-2020

A. GENERAL WARM UP (Spendere 5' di riscaldamento generale)


2 rounds not for time:

Half-kneeling lunge ankle dorsiflexion 30” secondi per gamba

Russian baby makers x 10 reps

Bottom squat with thoracic rotation 5+5


Skill: Pistol Squat

4x20 secondi Top of the pistol squat hold (alternare gamba ogni set)

4x10 secondi Bottom of the pistol hold (alternare gamba ogni set)

Accumulate 30-40 reps of Alt. Pistol Squat


3 Rounds for time:

*100 Double Unders

40 Backpack Squats

30 Backpack Alt. Reverse Lunges

20 Up Down

*Sostituzione Double Unders: 200 Single Unders or 100 Jumping Jacks

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